Three Drives

Erik de Koning, alias Enrico, has been producing music for 12 years now and is famous for "WaterVerve" (in some countries also called WaterWave). However, one is probably most impressed by his work under the name of Three Drives (co-productions with Ton TB)."Greece 2000", "Sunset on Ibiza", "Carrera 2" and "Air Traffic" are just a few titles that did very well, especially in the UK. Erik has produced an enormous amount of tracks but how did it all start? His musical career started in 1990. He used to work, together with his buddy Mark van Dale, at Mid-town records. Through this job, they both discovered house music that flew over from Belgium. They thought that they could make that music as well and decided to buy their own studio. This resulted in a great first production: "Michael Jackson is in heaven now" under the name of OBSCURE FM. A good selling record released in 8 countries and even charted in the Belgium Top 30. They really got the taste of it and continued releasing good records like "Utter Utter" and "Fuckface" both under the name of King Dale. Erik really enjoyed producing and decided to continue on a professional basis. Together with Mark, he started a production company. Lots of productions followed and their experience and love for music grew. As the "scene" changed and people were looking for something different, Erik developed a totally new club-sound. Also due to the fact that after a few years had passed, he ran into Mark van Dale again. In collaborat...

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