This website is based on an open source platform, but it is heavilly customized in terms of design and functionality. It basically indexes songs and artists using last.fm and streams from Youtube. Anyone can download the script and build their own custom "MusikWave".

MusikWeave is a trade-free project/service, except whatever Youtube (google) may collect about users (something we cannot control). The registration/login is only "required" if people want to save their favorite music in personal folders and access them from any device, from anywhere. Alternatively anyone can save their favorite music in playlists that are memorized in the browser's cache. But if that cache is deleted then the playlist is lost.

We also have an AUR package (Linux app) thanks to cscs! You can get it from here. In TROM-Jaro for example, it is as simple as searching for "musikwave" in the Software Center and click install. You can also find the entire project at gitlab and install on any Linux distribution by following the instructions there.

MusikWave is a TROM Project - visit tromsite.com to see all of the goodies we make! :)



This is a Trade-Free Project